Stacey Fan Page

I love that bitch. But.....WHY?

  1. Is cool
  2. Is also really smart. I am constantly blown away by her immense wisdom. For instance, I'll be like, "Hey Stacey, what should I do?" And she always has an answer, no matter how weird or difficult the situation is. The answers are always good, too, even if I constantly reject all of them because I am very bull-headed even when I specifically ask for advice.
  3. Looks great in short hair. Once upon a time she was a futch dream girl, but now I really believe that she's a butch dream girl. Perhaps a soft butch one, but butch nonetheless. The soft butch to my weak femme. If we went anywhere together in real life people would think we were in love. And they would be like, wow, what a cute couple! That soft butch is way out of her girlfriend's league!" And then all of the other lesbians would try to steal her from me. And? I would cry about it.
  4. SO supportive. She always has my mf back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Smart in a non-advice-giving way, too. Good head on her shoulders. Like, she knows her shit. She knows politics or whatever. Social justice. Etc.
  6. Has the BIGGEST heart. Big soft heart. Love that about her. Heart bigger and softer than, like, a giant king giant's feather bed.
  7. Is FUNNY!!!!!!!!
  8. Always tells me that she admires that I stand by my beliefs or whatever and know what I'm about, but I admire that about her too, even though our beliefs are different sometimes. She's opinionated in the best way possible. I love hearing what she has to say and what she thinks about things. I feel like her beiefs are ruled equally by her brain and her heart, and that is such a good healthy way to believe in things.
  9. Is a STRONG BITCH!! She goes through so much shit with like, mental illnesses, arthritis, etc etc etc, but she keeps going! She gets down on herself about her pace sometimes, but her pace is good, regardless of what she believes about it. Her pace is PERFECT. Especially considering the volume of shit she goes through. Clearly she needs a commensurate amount of healing time.